Friday, March 2, 2012

Blessed Spring!

The scent of pomegranate and cinnamon lingers through the air of my home, and the magick of the Goddess Juno and the God Mars fill the very essence of all my magick.  March, being sacred to both of these ancient Gods, is a great time for ”spring cleaning” and the well needed protection magick. Known in our Witches’ Tradition as the Kalends of March, we hang laurel bunches above our home, or hide the leaves under our doormats, for protection and to keep evil energies at bay.
I find myself overwhelmed, as well as excited, with the projects ahead.  The plans for my next book have begun, the intentions of my next book are to expand upon modern day herbal lore and magick, and open a entirely new venue of “hoodoo practices” mainly originating from the diverse traditions of the Caribbean.  With the Ostara festivities ahead, I am also consumed by the thoughts of my future travelling plans to New England, I am so ecstatic to see my family, as well l as magickal friends.   I want to make a special Thanks You t my treasured Witch family on both coasts, I love you and miss each of you, Blessed Be!