Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blessed Imbolg!

Today marks the Witches’ Holiday Imbolg, this sacred day celebrates the Virgin Goddess’s preparation to conjoin with the young Warrior God. My mind is filled with images of Her, her lace dress, crown of candles, the sweet smell of heather fumigating the air, and He the Warrior, ripped and full of vitality. 
With the Valentine Affairs ahead, I am now working on future projects and preparing myself for what is to come.  The air here is fresh, and a bit chilly, if I do say so myself.  The beautiful night sky acts as a mirror, reflecting the light of the crescent moon, which seemingly cradles itself in the heavens.  The sense of peace and renewal fill every crevice of my mind and soul.  I anticipate the coming spring, the flowering blossoms and scent of the fresh spring air.  At this time in my life, like a child, I am almost anxious for it, more than I think I ever have been, this year seems to be starting on a such a grounded and stable path, and I am excited for it’s continuation.
I find myself planting spells for healing, as well as focusing on nurturing my own inner light, and using that light as a catalyst for growth an direction.  After a wonderful conversation with a friend, we seemingly came to this simple conclusion, that has not left my mind; “Like the lantern of the Hermit Tarot Card, that which we seek is ahead, and solitude is needed for peace.  The beacon of light in which he shines, is the same light that we as individual project daily, this light truly comes from within.  So to say in a manner, the light which guides us to our dreams, our aspirations, and our deepest of heart’s desire’s, nestles within us.“
Learning to embrace that light is my main focus during the Imbolg Holiday.  My teachers always expressed Imbolg as a wondrous and fanciful affair, a women is dressed as bride, to represent the preparations of the Virgin goddess, she wears a crown of candles, representing her light, from within.  Some correlate the crown of candles with the Chakras, representing her Crown Chakra, illuminating heaven. In our Witches’ tradition we honor the Goddess Juno, for the month of February was named after her. Juno, although sometimes associated with jealousy and vengeance, is the Great Queen Goddess of marriage and motherhood; she herself in some sense represents purity and transformation. I go to Juno during this time and make prayers and spells for strength and integrity. Juno strength has inspired me and answered my prayers, for I also am currently working on my second book.  The information at times seems hard to compile, but my efforts are beginning to show their rewards.  Blessed Imbolg, Merry Ye Meet Merry Ye Part, and Merry Ye Meet Again.”