Saturday, January 7, 2012

My search for magick in the Caribbean...

2012 has started off on such a wonderful beginning, and I anticipate what is in store for the months ahead.  Here in South Florida, magick and witchcraft seems to be as common as the palm tress and beautiful beaches, which flourish in this exciting location.  I now have begun working on my fourth book, which is intended to share the magick and spells of the Caribbean area.  It has become seemingly harder than I expected.  With my recent research, I have concluded that the Caribbean is a “melting pot” of blended traditions, originating from African descent. 
I am boggled by the many different cultural traditions found here, from the common Voodoo and Yoruban Traditions, to remnants of Brujaria, Hoodoo, and Espiritismo.  The study of the Caribbean magickal traditions has become of some difficulty, due to the secrecy of these traditions and the diverse languages spoken here. It is not my intentions to write a book on any specific Afro-Caribbean Traditions, for I am comfortable and happy with the tradition I follow, it is more to share and understand the knowledge and magick of this tropical place.
With our Agonalia holiday festivities ahead, I have turned to the ancient God Janus, Lord of Doorways to aid me in opening my roads, so I will be able to obtain the information that is needed for me to understand and share the magick of this beautiful paradise.  With his grace, I now have come across two very valuable sources of information that should give me enough understanding and comprehension of the traditional ways here, to begin brainstorming on the subject at hand. 
The traditions here, although many are surrounded with misconceptions, are a beautiful portrayal of what I see as “old world witchcraft.”  The manner in which these cultures honor and worship their Divinities, are a clear link to ancient and yet, misunderstood, pagan traditions.  I could not express my excitement; it reminds me of when I first began my magickal path, it reminds me of visiting my first witchcraft store, learning something new, and then having chilidogs with my Dad.  My mind is in such fascination of the diverse cultures and ways of the people here, and I am headstrong on gaining understanding of their sacred ways.