Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy New Years and Blessed Be!

One Witches View on New Years 
Glitter, Tinsel, Horns, and Laughter, these among any things come to mind when New Years is approaching. It is amazing to see how many people celebrate this holiday, it seems that it is the only time religion and race is ignored and people from all around the globe come and take part in this laughter celebration. In the Witches tradition New Years falls on Samhain (October 31, Halloween) , this tradition originates from the ancient Celtic agricultural calendar. In modern America, New Years follows on the first of January 1st (which is based upon the Gregorian calendar) . New Years sparks the imagination with fun and for some empty promises and resolutions for the future year. In Witchcraft and many spiritually based religions making resolutions and plans can become crucial in our lives, for we as witches must make change to better the future for our children.  Using the aid of spells benefits anyone especially those planning to create a New Years Resolution. During the American New Year (January 1st).  I recommend witches and pagans alike take part in this wonderfully enjoyable celebration. It is a wonderful time to cast and charge spells and potions for new beginnings, change, new opportunities, healing past wounds, learning the true mysteries, and focus: especially on plans for the future.
I don't know how many times people make promises and make resolutions that they know in their minds and hearts are unrealistic. It is important and beneficial to make resolutions and plans and to stick to them! When making resolutions make sure what your planning is realistic so that it will happen. In this process by making resolutions and plans that are realistic it will aid, not only spiritually, but help increase your self-esteem.
New Years Resolution Spell
For this spell all you will need the following ingredients,three pieces of paper one black pen fireproof bowl On one piece of paper write down what you desire to change or to happen in the future year. On another piece of paper write down the lessons you have learned in the past year, take your time and think about what you have learned. On the other paper write the things you experienced in a negative manner. Place the three pieces of paper in front of you and read them over. Burn the piece of paper in which the negative experiences were written on. Place the piece of paper of the lessons you have learned into a journal or Book of Shadows. Carry with you the piece of paper with your desires of the forthcoming year with you always, as you achieve each aspiration place a star over them. As the year goes by stick to your plans. The year after burn the paper containing the desires you wanted and repeat the spell.
Copyright 2005 All Rights Reserved. Kyle Brandon Leite